This book is prepared by using Class Notes of Top Faculty Members of Career Point. These faculty members have been successfully preparing students for more than two decade.

The book is student friendly language with key focus is to explain the concepts and their application in solving variety of questions to improve student s ability to solve questions. Structure of book is such that you will feel like you are virtually attending class of a teacher.

We advise you should use this book immediately after you cover a topic in your school or coaching class for better output.

The book has following sections -
  • Point wise key Concepts
  • In-Chapter Solved Examples after each topic to explain the application of concept of the topic
  • End-Chapter example to develop ability to apply multiple concept of a chapter or multiple chapters in solving the questions.
This book covers the following Chapters

  1. Units & Dimentions
  2. Essential Mathematics
  3. Vecotrs
  4. Motion in one dimention
  5. Projectile Motion
  6. Laws of Motion
  7. Friction
  1. Work-Power-Energy
  2. Circular Motion
  3. Conservation Laws
  4. Rigit Body Dynamics and Rotational Motion
  5. Gravitation
  6. Simple Harmonic Motion
  7. Elasticity
  8. Surface Tension & Viscocity
  9. Fluid Mechanics
  1. Calorimetry
  2. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Heat Transfer
  5. Thermal Expansion
  6. Transverse Waves
  7. Sound Waves
  8. Doppler's Effect

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