Being involved in preparing students for competitive examination since 1993, we realized that students require books which should be self-sufficient, relevant and in student s friendly language like class notes. The book should develop sound understanding of fundamentals and also enhance questions solving ability of students. The book in your hand has been prepared to achieve these objectives.

We have developed this book using class notes of top faculty members of Career Point who have been successfully preparing students for JEE and Pre-Medical for more than two decade. Structure of book is such that you will feel like you are virtually attending the class of a Teacher. We firmly believe that the book in this form will definitely help a genuine, hardworking student to achieve target.

We have tried our best to keep errors out of this book. Comment and criticism from readers will be highly appreciated and incorporated in the subsequent edition.

The book has following sections -

  • Point wise key Concepts
  • In-Chapter Solved Examples after each topic to explain the application of concept of the topic
  • End-Chapter example to develop ability to apply multiple concept of a chapter or multiple chapters in solving the questions.
  1. Reflection At Plane Surface
  2. Reflection At Curved Surface
  3. Refraction At Plane Surface
  4. Refraction At Curved Surface
  5. PRISM-Deviation & Dispersion
  6. Wave Nature of Light : Interference
  7. Atomic Structure
  8. Radioactivity
  9. X-Ray
  10. Nuclear Physics
  11. Matter Waves
  12. Photo Electric Effect
  13. Practical Physics

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